Q • What do I get for my FREE trial?

An assessment by up to two people and your own Personal Development Workbook

Q • Can I add my own questions?

Yes, with the full version.

Q • Is there more than one style of workbook?

We offer a couple of different style of workbook for you to choose from. If you would like to design your own workbook you may wish to look at MyWorq or Teamworq from Talentmining.co.uk

Q • How many questions can I ask?

Each set of questions covers a particular topic, Creativity, Flexibility, Decisiveness etc. One set can contain up to 25 questions and you can have up to 20 different sets in your assessment. Theoretically you could ask 500 questions plus 10 supplemnetary [open] ones at the end. However, we doubt anybody would bother to answer them all, we suggest 30 - 80 questions will normally get a good response.

Q • How do I backup my data?

Very simple, create a standard report, click the "Email Me..." button at the bottom of the report. We will then email you a PDF version of the report which you should then store in a safe and secure location.

Q • Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on our dedicated servers which are located on secure specialist sites here in England, UK

Q • Why do I get a Timeout message?

Like banks we regard you and your respondents opinions as both Private and Confidential. Therefore if your have left the session idle for several minutes we have to presume you have left the computer and therefore for safety we close the session.

The timeout funtion serves a second function in that it helps prevent anyone using the 'view history' function in your browser to go back and view your data, although, because of certain options in some browsers, this cannot be guaranteed.