Your Perspective

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Before you start considering moving upwards, or onwards, you need to ensure you have identified all your strengths and any areas that may need improving.

This is where comes in.

We help you ask those you work with, or just those that know you, for their opinion on particular aspects of your attitudes, behaviour and skills.

Their "scores" are collated and you get a summary of their opinions and your own Personal Development Workbook.

Use your personal development workbook to:

• Decide which areas are most important to your career

• Build a personal development plan

Moving Up

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If you are happy working where you are but want to develop your skills use your HackMyJob data to:

• Set a plan to resolve any weaknesses that are affecting your career progression.

• Build on your key strengths, become a person that everyone respects

"Remember however rich you are, respect cannot be bought, it can only be earned ... hence it is priceless."

Moving Onwards

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Looking for fresh challenges, new horizons use the HackMyJob data to ensure you are:

• Accurately selling yourself in your CV

• Fully prepared for that all important interview

Knowing what you are really good at will give you that extra confidence you will need to ensure that YOU GET THE JOB YOU WANT.

To see the sort of questions that you should be asking simply with us (it does not cost anything to register)

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What You Get. Outputs...

Once everyone has responded

  • Your Snapshot report showing your and your respondents' opinions (averaged) ~ Sample
  • A Personal Development Workbook - In a choice of 3 formats
    • Simple ~ Sample
    • Standard* ~ Sample
      As Simple but with
      • Additional set of graphs showing analysis by type of question
    • Extended* ~ Sample
      As Standard but with
      • Coherence (Top and bottom 10 questions)
      • Additional Graphs, one for each question, showing breadth of view
*The Standard and Extended versions are only available with the Full Version

Use your HackMyJob Personal Development Workbook to identify and plan ways to improve your career prospects and well being

How It Works. Quick Overview...

It is a simple process which will only take a few minutes

  • You select the questions that you want to ask people
    • To make it easy we provide some sample job roles, select the most appropriate to you
  • Tell us who you would like to answer your questions
    • Enter their first and last names and email address
    • We automatically send each of them an email with instructions on what to do
  • Overnight we check to see if they have all finished, when they have, we send you an email telling you so, and how to acccess your control panel to:
    • View and print your completed Snapshot report
    • Select and order your Personal Development Workbook*
*Workbooks are created automatically by our back office processing and are emailed out to you as a PDF document. Depending on how busy the job queue is they are normally sent within 15 minutes.

The Free Trial. What you do..

When signing* up we automaticaly offer you a free trial. You will see several sets of standard questions, simply choose the set that you think is most appropriate for you.

For security we send you a confirmation email. When you have confirmed your email address we set up your trial and email you with details on how to get started.

After you have logged in to our Webapp**, you will then be asked to enter the names and email addresses of those you wish to be assessed by [maximum of 2 with the Trial version, 7 with the Full version]. (Want more?)

Once you have entered their details they will each be sent an email asking them to complete the questionnaire.

You now complete the questions yourself. You need to know if your view differs from those whose opinion you have sought. Sorry but sometimes they don't quite match, if several have the same differing view they are probably going to be right ... So that is why you keep missing that promotion.

* The trial is free and does not require any credit or bank card details.

** Our Webapp looks like an app but runs in your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc) so that you, and those you have asked to participate, do not have to download / install anything. Yup, we like to keep things simple.

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Full Version. Benefits..

Much wider choice of questions, over 50 sets covering a variety of roles and skills.

Add your own questions, edit existing ones.

Set the responses the participants can choose from and there associated scores.

Add your own "open" questions at the end (maximum 10).

Ask up to 7 people for their opinion. (Want more?)

Choice of Personal Development Workbooks.

How Much?   £25   £12.95 per project.
• A project is the same set of questions sent to up to 7 people.
• Asking 2 is the same price as asking 7.
• The norm is to ask 4 to 7 people.

It Is Not Just About Work

Our mission is to help you improve your well being factor.

Although our questions may appear to be primarily aimed around your place of work, there are many, particularly those under Basic Skills, that can be used elsewhere. If you are involved at any level, in any activities like sports or clubs, you may find HackMyJob useful in improving the relationships that you have there.

Our Friends. Other services

The technology used to was developed over many years and is used to provide a range of other services, including:

» Staff assessment tool for large organisations, loads of features.

» 360 Assessment tool with (optional) Workbooks. Excellent data analysis, will tell you if you have an issue and exactly where it is. Focus your budget on solving the issue.

» General Secure Opinion Gathering tool, any question, anywhere. Added advantage that you can add multiple knowledge, learning opportunities. Also ideal for quickly developing training courses, creating product awareness campaigns etc.

» Skills Auditing, the biggest asset in any organisation is usually their skills database, and it is a shamefull waste that it is rarely audited and never fully utilised.

» Simple to configure staff assessment designed to help team building, ideal for SMEs

» Does what it says on the "can", find that talent, works with any services * flagged above. Fast, can search 744 encrypted assessments using your specific "job" profile in 9 seconds.

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